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Welcome to my little corner of the SG1 world. As Daniel's official scribe, I've broken the golden rule of not only reading his diary, but posting extracts here. Please don't tell him because I'll be sacked. And life without Daniel doesn't bear thinking about.

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Additions to Scribe's Shower Scene Series

Drops in the Ocean

Jack is looking for an explanation for Daniel's strange behaviour.
Part of Scribe's Shower Scene Series. Tag to Children of the Gods - Season 1.

Pros and Cons

Jack and Daniel continue to contemplate the pros and cons of Jack's promotion.
Part of Scribe's Shower Scene Series. Spoilers for the end of Season 7.

Peace Tokens

SG-1 try to make amends for their treatment of Daniel in Lockdown.

(Sequel to Pros and Cons, plus spoilers for Season 8: Lockdown)


Additions to the hurt/comfort story archive

One of a Kind

An unexpected sight causes Daniel pain. Fortunately Jack is there for him.
(A small piece of angsty comfort set post Forever in a Day)

May I just ask?

Jack and Daniel have to deal with unexpected consequences on their return from Euronda.

(Spoilers for The Other Side)

What's up, doc?

Daniel makes friends with the local flora and fauna when a mission goes sour.

(Spoilers for The Curse)


Additions to the humour story archive

The Wedding

When SG-1 return to the Land of Light to celebrate Malousha's wedding, Jack and Daniel discover they are expected to do more than simply observe.
(A silly piece of fluff written to celebrate Dr Beth's wedding.)




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