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Touched by consequences

An untold tale from the Diary of Dr Daniel Jackson


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This story is rated PG13 and falls into the category of angst. It was written as a challenge response - the challenge being to come up with a missing scene of tag for Broca Divide, Prisoners or Corai. This, as you will see, is a tag for the Broca Divide.

Thanks to Ellen and Dee for beta reading. And thanks to Val for the thorough editing job - hacking out all those superfluous little words.



A return to visit to P3X797 - at last! Ever since we discovered the Minoan-style civilisation living there I've been itching to go back. Well perhaps itching isn't a good choice of word given that we found the planet was home to a particularly nasty virus that was only subdued by a good dose of anti-histamine! Fortunately for us all, Janet figured out what was going on - but not until after Jack had given me a good beating and I'd succumbed to the virus on the dark side of the planet. Still, I can't wait to go back and see how the Touched and the Untouched have integrated together. It will be fascinating to see how the culture has changed now it is no longer dominated by fear of 'the curse'. Who knows what surprises we might find!


It was five months before SG1 returned to P3X797 to investigate how its inhabitants had coped since Dr Frasier's medical genius set the Touched free. The answer seemed to be - remarkably well.

"My Lord!" Tuplo greeted Jack O'Neill with a reverential bow as SG1 stepped through the Stargate. "We are honored by your return."

O'Neill smiled. "We're glad to be back. And please... you don't have to treat us like royalty. Just call me Jack."

Tuplo bowed again, causing Jack to grimace. Still, he figured, old habits die hard. Perhaps on this visit the people of this world would begin to realise SG1 and the Tau'ri really weren't any different from them. After all, the team - with the exception of Teal'c of course - had suffered from the Touched virus too.

"We have prepared a feast," Tuplo said. "Come. Those who were once Touched are looking forward to the opportunity of thanking you personally." Tuplo's eyes moved towards Daniel. "My daughter is particularly looking forward to seeing you again, Dr Jackson."

Jack smirked as Daniel turned bright red and his expression moved into what Jack fondly referred to as Daniel's 'fish impression' - eyes wide, mouth open.

Daniel blinked at Tuplo, and then frowned at a grinning Sam. Returning his attention to Tuplo, he gave a quick, if somewhat embarrassed, smile, and lamely added, "Thank you."

Jack fell in step with Daniel as they headed away from the gate. "My daughter is particularly looking forward to seeing *you* again, Dr Jackson," he mimicked quietly.

Daniel shot him a sour look. "It's not my fault!" he protested.

"Of course it isn't," Jack grinned, patting Daniel on the back. He picked up his pace, calling back over his shoulder. "Just remind me to order you some shining armor and a white horse for our next mission."


Daniel scowled at the retreating back. Stepping into his line of sight from his other side, Teal'c raised an eyebrow. "Daniel Jackson, why will you require armor and a horse for our next mission?"

"Just Jack's idea of a joke," Daniel complained. He tucked his head down and hurried after Jack before Teal'c could quiz him further. He really wasn't in the mood for an in-depth discussion of knightly virtues.

Daniel knew Jack meant no harm with his teasing, but right now he could do without it. For one thing, the memory of being abused by Hathor was still too fresh in his mind for him to feel comfortable joking about women. And for another, whatever had gone on with Melosha wasn't his fault. It wasn't like he set out to have a girl on every planet. He'd been affected by the Touched virus after attempting to rescue Melosha in the woods. He really couldn't be blamed for his actions - whatever they had been. Of course that was part of the problem; his actions in the forest were just a blur. He just had an uneasy feeling they probably hadn't been all that honourable, and Jack's teasing was doing nothing to salve his emotions.


Reaching the dwellings of the Land of Light, SG1 were once again led to the palace and shown into the huge Minoan-style hall. Despite their protests they were treated as honored guests, and were soon being plied with rich sweet wines and appetising sweetmeats. If Jack had been hoping for some amusement when Melosha greeted Daniel, however, he was disappointed for the young woman was nowhere to be seen.

"My daughter insisted on supervising the preparations personally," Tuplo explained in response to Jack's query. "She will join us soon."

As the meal began, Jack described the SGC's experience with the Touched virus. "Took us a whole week to clean up," he said wryly. "Seems those of us who weren't intent on beating the crap out of each other, took their feelings out on the fixtures and fittings." His eyes flicked guiltily towards Daniel as he spoke, remembering how he had applied his own fists and feet.

"Fixtures and fittings?" Tuplo asked.

Jack waved a hand around the luxuriously decorated hall. "Furniture and stuff."

"Ah!" Tuplo said understanding.

"And what of you?" Daniel asked, always the curious academic. "Did you encounter any problems integrating the Touched back into society?"

"Not really," Tuplo replied. Then he added thoughtfully. "At first we were concerned because most of the Touched women had either born children or were with child. However, we soon realised these children are gifts of the gods. A blessing to remind us of how fortunate we are to no longer suffer from the curse. It is not our place to question their parentage, but rather to celebrate their presence amongst us."

Jack's eyebrows raised slightly as he took in the logic of this. Sometimes gods could be real handy, he decided. He glanced at Carter who, for some reason didn't want to look him in the eye, and then nodded. "Cool!"

Tuplo reached for his wine, swallowed a mouthful and then added with distinct pride. "My own daughter is with child..."

"Melosha!" Daniel choked on his food.

"Yes," Tuplo continued cheerfully. "The gods must have favored her particularly as she was amongst the Touched for so short a time."

"Daniel?" Jack leaned over and whispered his name. There was no humor now, just concern at how pale Daniel had gone. "Are you OK?"

Frantic blue eyes met brown ones as Daniel shook his head. "Think I'm..." Daniel swallowed and took a deep breath. "Going to be sick. Excuse me!" Without another word, Daniel rushed from the hall.

"Should I?" Sam nodded her head towards the door through which Daniel had fled. Teal'c too was half out of his seat, his eyes following Daniel.

Jack shook his head. "No, I'll go."

Tuplo was also worried. "If Doctor Jackson is unwell perhaps our physician should accompany you. He has many excellent remedies - leeches to purge over-hot blood, powders to encourage vomiting..."

"Thank you!" Jack interrupted hastily. "But I'm sure Daniel will be just fine." He glanced towards Sam. "Carter, why don't you discuss medicine with Tuplo here? I'm sure you can have an enlightening conversation."

Sam's expression made it clear she didn't appreciate the idea, but she dutifully turned to Tuplo as Jack slipped from his seat.


Daniel was sitting on the wall of a low fountain, still looking pale but, as far as Jack could tell, with his meal intact.

"You OK?" Jack asked, approaching cautiously.

Daniel shot him an embarrassed look. "Don't worry. I won't throw up on you." He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and tilted his head towards the sky. "Sorry. I didn't mean to be rude back there."

O'Neill waved a hand. "Forget it. I think Tuplo was as relieved as me not to see your dinner reappear." Jack took a seat next to Daniel and mimicked his posture, appreciating the star-filled sky. A few peaceful moments passed before he spoke again. "So... something rattle that cast iron stomach of yours?"

Daniel frowned. "It wasn't the food..."

"Kinda figured that much," Jack commented.

"You heard Tuplo," Daniel continued. "Melosha's pregnant."


"And..." Daniel's tone was impatient following Jack's obtuse response. "I was out there with her. When I was..." He hesitated, climbed to his feet and paced away from the fountain. Stopping to turn back towards Jack he made a small circular movement his hand to the right of his head. "...touched."

"Ahhh!" Jack breathed out the sound as Daniel confirmed the reason for his discomfort, but then continued matter of factly. "Just because you were out there doesn't mean..."

"Jack!" Daniel cut off the optimistic reply. "I'd already rescued her. When that virus hit me chances are I would've considered her my property. Just like you did with Sam!"

"Maybe," Jack conceded with a wince. Daniel's comment again brought back the unpleasant memory of lashing out at him with feet and fists - but in this circumstance it actually offered a ray of hope. After all, Jack recalled, he wasn't the only one who had beaten the crap out of Daniel during those few days of madness. "Daniel, you spent three days in the infirmary hardly able to move when we returned from here. You'd been beaten black and blue by the Touched. And as I recall you had at least two cracked ribs. I doubt very much you were capable of being... amorous."

Daniel, however, was not going to be easily persuaded. He looked at the ground, apparently fascinated by the pattern of mosaic beneath his feet. "I had evidence that I'd..." He looked up at Jack and blushed. "There was a stain..."

"OK. OK!" Jack cut him off with a wave of his hand. Jeez! What was it with archaeologists that they always wanted to go into minute detail about everything? "Even that doesn't prove you and Melosha..."

"But what if we did?" Daniel demanded. He started pacing back and forth. "What if it's my child she's carrying?" His eyes widened in horror as another idea assailed him. "God, Jack! What if I raped her?" The thought stopped him in his tracks, his eyes turned in anguish towards his friend. "Oh God! I could never live with myself knowing..."

"Daniel! Back up!" Jack's voice broke sternly through Daniel's distress. "Let's look at the facts here. One - you weren't yourself. Two - neither was Melosha. Three - you've already said you'd rescued her. She looked pretty happy to be with you when we found you. So... at the very worst you two... got it together. Let's not start talking rape. OK?"

For a moment Daniel looked relieved, but then he sat next to Jack with his head in his hands. "It could still be my child, Jack. Oh God. What have I done?"

"You heard Tuplo," Jack replied, determined to be positive. "These children are being accepted as gifts. No questions asked. Who knows what relationships formed on the dark side. Do what they're doing. Ask no questions!"

Daniel looked at Jack for a long minute, his gaze searching the familiar face. Finally he shook his head. "I can't. I have to know." He climbed to his feet, his face determined.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked as Daniel moved away.

"To find Melosha!"

"Daniel," Jack called to him. "I really don't think that's a good idea. Daniel!"


Brushing an errant lock of hair from her forehead, Melosha turned to find a young man looking at her with a worried expression. From his clothes and age, she guessed immediately this was Daniel Jackson. That she didn't recognise his face was no surprise. When Daniel had first stepped through the Stargate, she had been too fearful of her predicament to do more than glance at the strangers as she lay in the isolation circle waiting to discover if she had become Touched. Later of course she had spent several days with Daniel in the nightmare world of the forest, but she preferred not to dwell on memories from that period if she could avoid it. Besides, he had barely looked human for most of that time. Then, once she had returned from the forest, Daniel's team-mates, concerned about his injuries, had whisked him away, back through the portal before she had time to regain her bearings.

She allowed herself a moment now to take in his features and commit them to memory. It was a handsome face she decided - a firm jaw, full lips, pale skin framed with short fair hair. Strange coloring compared to the uniform dark hair and sun-kissed skin of her people, yet pleasing in its own way. There was one feature she remembered well - his eyes. She could picture them now - vivid blue and filled with compassion looking down at her as she came to in the forest. Now though that wasn't the emotion that registered in his expression. It was worry, and there was definitely no avoiding the fact that he could barely drag his attention away from her swollen stomach.

"Daniel! I'm honored to meet with you again," she smiled as she greeted him, but her tone betrayed her surprise that he had troubled to seek her out.

"Melosha. Hi." He returned her open smile with a tight one of his own.

She smiled at his awkwardness, and was rewarded by him chewing nervously at his bottom lip.

"Can we talk?" he asked, glancing round the busy kitchen.

Her gaze followed his before she nodded. Clearly whatever he wished to say was more important than ensuring the decoration for the next course was positioned correctly. Trying to ignore the prickle of anxiety stealing up on her, she picked up a cloth, wiped her hands and led the way through a back door to a small garden. The fragrant aroma of herbs mingled pleasantly with the smells of the kitchen.

"Ahhhh!" Melosha said. "It's cool out here." She drew in a long appreciative breath, and then, as though without a care in the world, turned to the stranger at her side, waiting politely for him to speak.



Stepping through the door, Daniel was only aware that now he had tracked Melosha down he didn't know what to say to her. It wasn't like he really knew this woman - this girl, he corrected himself, for close up he could see she was a lot younger than he had remembered. This of course didn't alter the fact that she was someone he had simply tried to help out of trouble and with whom he had become entangled while totally out of his senses thanks to an alien virus.

He pushed his glasses nervously up his nose, folded his arms across his chest, licked his lips and blurted, "You're pregnant." Melosha's face showed no understanding of his words, forcing him to rephrase the statement. "You're... with child."

Her expression lit up as her left hand patted her stomach affectionately. "Yes, I was chosen by the gods to bring a joyful reminder to our people that the curse is gone."

Embarrassed by her carefully rehearsed phrasing, he gazed into the distance and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He looked back at her searchingly, "Is it mine?"

Melosha frowned at him before responding mechanically, "This child is a gift of the gods."

"Yes, yes. I know." Daniel said, struggling to keep the impatience from his voice. He forced himself to smile. "Your father told me that story. And I appreciate the reasons for it. But Melosha..." He paused, suddenly wondering just how young and innocent she was. "You do know children - even gifts of the gods - require two people to..." Oh damn! He felt himself turning red. What the hell was he doing on an alien planet trying to explain the facts of life to a young women who was probably carrying his child? Things had gotten way out of control.

Melosha tilted her head to one side. "We call it coupling," she offered helpfully.

"Right," Daniel said. "Right." He mentally retreated to safe ground. "I just need to know if I'm the father."

Melosha's expression tightened. She gave Daniel a long appraising look. "Why?"

"Why?" Now it was Daniel's turn to frown. "Why? Because... because if I am... I need to know."

It didn't answer her question, and they both knew it. An uncomfortable silence stretched between them.

"I see," Melosha finally said. She stepped away from him, and followed the small path leading into the garden. As Daniel trailed behind her, she came to a small wooden bench. He watched her sit, her position a clear invitation for him to join her, but he choose to remain standing, his arms still crossed, his mood pensive.

"There *is* something you need to know," Melosha said, picking up the conversation as though it hadn't been interrupted. "Before I was Touched, I was promised to a man called Cantor. We were..." She smiled and corrected herself. "We are very much in love. After the birth we will marry. So you see Daniel, you need not concern yourself. My child will have a father who loves and cares for it."

"Are you suggesting..." Daniel began, his tone hurt and indignant.

Melosha cut him off, looking him straight in the eye. "Is that what you want, Daniel? To stay here and help me raise this child?"

"I..." Daniel was off-balance. He hadn't considered beyond this meeting. However, he knew his emotions had already given him away. The answer to her last question would be stamped plainly on his face. Whatever options he might have thought he had, staying here wasn't one of them.

She did not appear to be disappointed. "No, I thought not," she said. "And I wouldn't want you to. I love Cantor. You, I believe, have a wife. What happened between us out there," she waved a hand at the darkness of the garden, "happened between two Touched. Not between you and me, Melosha and Daniel."

Daniel knew there was a logic to what she said. He understood too that she was inviting him to wash his hands of all responsibility. Peering into the darkness, he tried to pull his emotions and thoughts into some sort of order.

"Look," he said carefully. "I won't mess things up between you and Cantor, I promise. But if there's a possibility this is my child, I can't just walk away and pretend it isn't." He was suddenly vehement. "No child of mine is ever going to say I abandoned it."

His words seemed to touch something in her and a hint of sympathy crept into her voice. "I wish I could tell you what you want to know."

Daniel knew from Teal'c that Tuplo had been outraged at the idea of their blood being used for medical reasons, but he still decided to push his luck. "If you don't remember what happened, we have a test on our world that would tell us one way or the other. Once we know, we could decide what's best. If the child is mine, I could... I don't know. I could visit..."

"No!" She was adamant. "No tests!"

He regretted his words instantly as anger flashed into her eyes. "Do you really think I don't remember, Daniel?"

"I'm sorry," he said quickly, but it was too late.

Melosha was on her feet in an instant, pacing up the path. She reached a junction, wheeled and paced back. "Do you know what it's like to wake from a nightmare and know it wasn't a dream? That it was real!"

Before Daniel could speak, words began to tumble from her lips. Words she had clearly not uttered to anyone until now. Words that carried her away from him and back into her nightmare.


Memories. Skittering and dancing like falling leaves on an autumn wind.

Waking to find a stranger watching over her. Eyes the colour of meadow flowers. Terrifying in the darkness. She was alone. Alone with this demon from another world. This demon who was changing as she watched.

Fear. Fear and cold. Bitter cold as night closed around them. Desperate for warmth. Desperate for protection. Desperate to feel the touch of another's skin. Daring to risk all to share his warmth. Risking even more to claim him. Being claimed by him. United. The fear and the cold stole away.

Then the others come. Out of the darkness. Dragging him away. Screaming as they struck him down. Fighting like a wild animal to protect him. To protect herself. They're killing him! Males. Females! All pulling at her. Scratching her. Hurting her. Dominating her. Pack rule. Pack order. Be absorbed. Or be destroyed.

Can't fight any more. Clutching his battered body to her own. Screaming in anguished fear as he lies so still. Hysterical with relief as he wakes. Driven now by hunger. By need. By fear. Fear of the pack. Keep in place. Order is everything. Pack rule. Pack order. Survival.


"Melosha!" Daniel gripped her shoulders as the rush of words became almost incoherent, bumping and tumbling in their haste to escape into the night. He shook her gently, suddenly afraid she was slipping so far from reality she would not be able to return. "Melosha!"

For a moment she gazed wildly around, gasping for breath before she focused on him. Tears welled in her eyes, threatening to spill down her cheeks.

"You don't know what it was like," she said, her voice sounding distant and hollow.

No, Daniel thought, he didn't. How could a few beatings and broken bones compare to what she had gone through? Then again, he did know what it was liked to be used by someone. Hathor's face flashed before him, and with it the unwelcome memory of her hands on his body. The pressure of her lips on his, the drug-enhanced force of her will making him... He snapped away from the memory sharply and focused back on Melosha. "I'm sorry," he said quietly.

She looked up at him and smiled weakly. "The other Touched... The ones that came and..." She hesitated, the pain of the memory raw in her eyes. "One of them was my uncle. Others were... are friends of my father. Old men..." She shuddered. "And I see the other Touched women in the marketplace looking at the men - and wondering. Was it him? Was it that one?" She reddened. "You were right. There is a lot I don't remember. Perhaps I choose not to remember. But you see... I can't bear to know it wasn't you. But I can't tell for certain that it was."

She looked away, allowing Daniel the time to absorb the meaning of her words. Impasse. Daniel sighed and sat down, his head in his hands. He felt sick again. Overwhelmed by the horror of her memories. By the horror of what she choose not to remember.

Underneath though he recognised a sense of defeat. So this was what it came to. His need to know balanced against her need not to. And she held all the cards, leaving him powerless to change her mind. He couldn't blame her for wanting to protect herself - for wanting to hold on to whatever shred of dignity she felt she had salvaged from the experience. Perhaps if it hadn't been for Hathor he might even have been flattered. But now - where did that leave him? High and dry with an unanswered question forever hanging over his life.

He didn't know what else to do - what else to say. Awkwardly he insisted on seeing Melosha safely back to the kitchen. Then he returned to the banquet, fending off Tuplo's concern and keeping the rest of SG1 at arm's length. Across the table he saw Jack shoot him an anxious look and knew the colonel would catch him later to discover what had happened. The thought wasn't appealing.

He knew it was stupid. He knew he would really regret it in the morning. And he knew Jack would chew him out for doing it on a mission. But as someone poured him a fresh glass of sweet red wine, Daniel decided to get totally and utterly drunk. Picking up the glass, he drank its content as though it was water - the sweetness disguising its alcoholic potency. A quick glance around the table told him Sam, Teal'c and now even Jack were all deliberately avoiding his gaze. He guessed they were trying not to make him feel even more uncomfortable than he already did. Well that suited him fine - especially since his glass had already been refilled.


The following morning, having shooed a concerned Carter and Teal'c from the sleeping chamber allocated to SG1, Jack turned his attention to the inert form of Daniel Jackson. A quick trip to a nearby well provided him with an improvised alarm clock - a bucket of ice-cold water which he tipped unceremoniously over the sleeping archaeologist.

Daniel let loose a string of choice swear words as he spluttered into consciousness. Sitting up far too fast he gave a strangled moan and pressed the palms of his hands to his temples.

Jack greeted him with mock cheerfulness while shaking out the last few drops of water with satisfaction. "I trust you're feeling like shit!"

Daniel fixed him with a murderous look, before closing his eyes and moaning in anguish, "O God! My head!"

"Is surprisingly still attached to your shoulders," Jack commented with a total lack of sympathy. "Although after your stunt last night I've been thinking of fixing that. What the hell were you thinking?"

In response Daniel merely groaned again. He collapsed onto his sleeping bag, muttering another swearword as it squelched icy water into his clothes. He took a deep breath and peered up at Jack. "Sorry."

"So you should be." Jack tossed something at him, and Daniel yelped as a hard object hit his chest. Fumbling, his fingers curled around a bottle of Tylenol.

"Take two. And drink plenty of water," Jack ordered tossing the canteen onto Daniel's bedding. "Fortunately Tuplo considered you getting drunk to be a great honor. According to him it showed how much you appreciated his hospitality. Carter however did not appreciate you throwing up in her backpack." Jack smirked at the expression of horror on Daniel's face and waited until two Tylenol had been gagged down before continuing. "Empty that canteen," he ordered as Daniel began to stopper it. Finally satisfied he'd tortured Daniel enough, he handed him a mug of coffee.

Daniel turned a distinct shade of green at the smell and set it down with a mumbled "Thank you."

"So..." Jack cut to the chase. "I take it you found Melosha."

Daniel nodded, wincing as he did so.

Jack wasn't sure whether it was emotional hurt or physical pain from the killer hangover that caused the reflex. Either way he couldn't help but feel a stab of sympathy and his tone softened as he asked, "And the kid's yours?"

Blood-shot blue eyes focused wearily on Jack. "She wouldn't tell me."

"Oh!" That took Jack by surprise. He studied Daniel not knowing what to say.

"I just wanted to do what was right," Daniel said plaintively. "Virus or not - there were consequences to our actions. For all of us. We can't just pretend..." His voice trailed away.

Jack considered for a long moment. "You asked the question," he said. "And you gave her a chance to answer. Sometimes, Daniel, asking questions is as right as you can get."

"Is it?"

Jack nodded. "We're all responsible for the questions we ask. Or choose not to ask. We aren't responsible for the answers we're given."

There was a long silence as both men considered this reply. It was broken by Daniel.

"But aren't we responsible for how we respond to those answers?"

Jack didn't reply, knowing Daniel had a point. Philosophy had never been his strong point and this was getting way too deep for him. What he did know was that Daniel was suffering - and not just because of a hangover. Worse still, there really wasn't a whole hell of a lot he, Jack, could do about it. No pat on the shoulder and a band-aid for this one.

"Sounds like the ball's in your court," he finally said, bringing the problem back to the here and now.

Daniel nodded. "I could go back. Insist Melosha tells me. And have her hate me for it. Or..." He sighed. "Do what she wants. Walk away." He eyed Jack. "What would you do?"

"Me?" Jack was caught off-guard by the question. "I'd... hell, I don't know." Turning to his pack, he pulled out a dry t-shirt and tossed it to Daniel. "Fact is, if you do walk away now, there's always the chance of coming back."


Daniel stood to one side of the team as Tuplo ran through his formal farewell. His eyes were on the ceremony, but his mind was still wrapped up in the decision he was making. *Walk away.* OK... Jack hadn't exactly advised him to do so, but he figured that was what the colonel had meant with his final comment. And he knew it made sense - nobody here expected him to do anything else. It was just so damn hard.

*You need not concern yourself.* Melosha's words repeated themselves in his mind. So why wasn't it easy to do just that? It was what Melosha wanted him to do after all. He could see her standing behind her father, close to a tall man with dark hair and brown eyes. Coloring almost identical to her own. From the way he was standing with his hip almost touching hers, Daniel guessed this was Cantor. For an instant a pang of jealousy caught at him, but he pushed it away. In his heart of hearts he wished Melosha well. He even understood why she was behaving this way. He understood the reasons behind *her* decision.

*Step through the gate.* He simply had to dismiss it all as a bad dream. Return to his life. Return to his search for Sha're. Act like nothing had changed. God! How could he do that!

His eyes were drawn to the vortex springing into life as the gate was activated. With a final farewell Sam and Teal'c stepped through, and Daniel realised Jack was waiting for him. He had to move. It was now or never. Decision had to become action. He stared at the gate. *Just walk away.*

Bowing politely to Tuplo, he stepped towards the vortex, but as he did so, his eyes met Melosha's. An indescribable expression flickered across her face as she looked at him - then almost as quickly looked away. Taking Cantor's hand she turned her back on him and walked slowly away from the gate.

Daniel had one last thought before he stepped into the vortex. Yes, he would walk away. But one day he would return. And if the gods had used their creativity to produce a child with fair hair and blue eyes, then maybe... just maybe... he would find the answer to his question.


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