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Shower Scenes

May I just ask?

Jack and Daniel have to face up to unexpected consequences on their return from Euronda.

(A tag to The Other Side.)

One of a Kind

An unexpected sight pains Daniel.
(A little bit of angsty comfort set post Forever in a Day.)

What's up Doc?

Daniel makes friends with the local flora and fauna when a mission turns sour.
(Spoilers for The Curse.)

Tangled Web

A tag to The Curse - Daniel returns to the SGC after losing Sarah to Osiris.

Mistaken Identity

It's been quite some time since I've been able to distract Daniel long enough to spend some quality time with his diaries. However, here at last is a new adventure stolen from the pages of his journal. And oh dear, seems like he still manages to get into trouble every time he steps through the gate.

Peace Offering by Kaz and Scribe

Osiris makes a demand that changes Daniel's life.

(This story was inspired by the very first spoiler to hit the Internet regarding Summit, and will no doubt bear absolutely no resemblance to the episode.)


Teal'c gets caught between a rock and a hard place when a mission turns sour.

(This story was first published in Gateways 2.)

True Foundations

When a mission goes wrong, a relationship is put under the spotlight.

(Information borrowed from Daniel's Diary in October 2000.)


Want to know more about what happened in Janet's cabin after the events in True Foundations?

SpeedNN (Cindy) raided Daniel's Diary and reports on her research in this wonderful comfort story.
Note: Please read True Foundations first otherwise this story will not make sense

The Look in your Eyes

Daniel's thoughts during a particular scene in Serpent's Lair.

(Stolen from his diary and turned into a first person snippet for a h/c list challenge.)

Eye for an Eye

Daniel comes up with an ideal solution when the SGC has too much translation work - use civilian translators. Unfortunately for him, an ex-girlfriend is enlisted on to the team, and her definition of 'help' is somewhat different to Daniel's.


When Daniel runs into trouble on a mission, Jack comes up with a unexpected rescue plan. Rated PG13 for violence.


Colonel Maybourne announces that SGC has a traitor in its midst, but the events that follow take everyone by surprise.

Thicker than Water

Daniel gets a request for help from an unexpected source. This is the sequel to Traitor and is rated PG15 for violence and language. Sorry - my bad guys are just that - bad!

Touched by Consequences

When SG1 returns to P3X797, Daniel has to face the possible consequences of his actions.

(Spoilers for the Broca Divide)

Room 101

Not actually a story from Daniel's Diaries, although I'm sure there are references to the events I recount in there somewhere. Just a little tale I wormed out of Jack when the team escaped from Hathor's clutches the second time around.

(Spoilers for Into the Fire)

The Return

SG-1 are relieved when they get Daniel back safe and sound from PG3X886. At least they think he's safe and sound...

(Spoilers for Fire and Water)

The Janus Factor

SG1's role in Apophis' downfall has become legendary. So it is no surprise when the inhabitants of a newly visited world insist they will only negogiate a treaty with the team. Jack, however, is suspicious that they are walking into a trap.

Depths of the soul

Couldn't resist doing a post-Need story, and hinting at a another plot idea! Rated PG for minor swearing.

The Scrolls of Ra

O.K. I confess. I rather enjoyed Hathor. It was kinda fun watching her wrap all our guys round her little finger while poor Sam fumed. Anyway, suffice it to say that Hathor did not forget Daniel...

After the holiday

After a couple of busy weeks, the arrival of his credit card bill forces Daniel to face up to recent events.

(Spoilers for Holiday)

Truth or dare?

I just happened to be cleaning Daniel's apartment the other day when I came across this very old, very dusty book. And of course, being the nosy person that I am, I just had to look. What was it? Daniel's very first diary, started when he was still a college student. He'll never forgive me for sharing this particular story with you but... what the heck. Here it is, the tragic tale of Daniel's first love.


You know Jack O'Neill always says Daniel has more lives than a cat. When I came across this story I found myself agreeing with him. Why is it that SG1 always find themselves in trouble on what appear to be routine missions?



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