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Truth or Dare?


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This story is rated 15, so if you aren't that old stop reading here!

Big thanks go to Kris who set a challenge over on the Danielites list. The challenge was: write a story that featured Daniel's mom and dad, a natural disaster and a memory from his college days. About the same time we had been discussing (and I use the term loosely here- Dee!) some things that Daniel may have experienced for the first time. And... my partner in crime, Jeanne and I had been discussing the fact that for a 35-year-old Daniel seemed very innocent when he first met Sha're. This story combines all of the above, and explains why Daniel took to diary writing.

Author's disclaimer (or covering my butt<g>): please remember this was written as a challenge response, i.e. in about three hours flat. Think fast food not gourmet meal<g>.

OK prepare for some angst, and remember this is set during Daniel's college days.


"Truth or dare?" they chanted.

Kelly took another mouthful of beer, and eyed her fellow party-makers. Everyone was well on the way to drunk, the soriety party having begun early that evening. "Dare!" she said with a grin.

"Oh brave girl," someone called with a giggle. "I know. I know. I dare you to get a date with Daniel Jackson."

The suggestion was greeted with hoots of derision. Everyone knew Daniel Jackson was the resident geek. The guy only came out of the labs when security closed up for the night - and sometimes not even then.

"No, no. That's too easy." Sarah Anderson stared across the room at Kelly. This was the moment she had been waiting for. A chance to get at Miss Popularity. "I dare you to get Daniel Jackson into bed."

Kelly choked on her beer. "I'm not a tart," she protested.

"Didn't say you had to sleep with him," Sarah retorted. "Just make him think you're going to."

A hush had fallen over the room. Kelly picked up her beer bottle aware that everyone's eyes were on her. Damn why had she said dare. She'd known for weeks that Sarah Anderson was out to get her. Ever since that incident with the captain of the football team. Like that had been her fault? Kelly swallowed another mouthful and realised she was trapped. "Alright, I'll do it."

A huge cheer sounded through the soriety house and Kelly smiled at the warm sense of belonging the approval gave her.


She ambushed him outside the library. Books flew into the air as she *accidentally* ran into him.

"Oh s..sorry," he spluttered reaching down to retrieve the heavy tombs that now lay scattered across the ground.

"No, no. It was my fault." She turned on her most dazzling smile. "I should've looked where I was going." She bent down, making sure her short skirt gave him a good view of her legs. Straightening up again she reinforced the smile. "It's Daniel isn't it."

A startled look crossed his face. "Errr.. yes.. How..?"

"We're in the same class - Egyptology." She knew he wouldn't have noticed her, given that she usually sat at the back and messed around. "Look I'm really sorry about the books. How about I buy you coffee to make up for it? You were about to take a break weren't you?"

This time the startled look moved into full shock. "Break? C..coffee?"

Before he could protest, Kelly began to move towards the campus coffee chop, chattering away as though assuming he was coming.

Too stunned and too polite to do otherwise, a very bemused Daniel Jackson followed.


This was too easy, Kelly thought as she led Daniel up to her room. They'd been to an evening lecture on the development of art in Mesopotamia, Daniel's idea of a romantic evening. Kelly grinned at the thought. At first she had been horrified, but seeing how animated it had made Daniel she was glad she'd agreed. The guy was exuding energy, and she fully intended to put that to good use and then be done with this dare. She'd get him into her bed, snap a photo to prove it and then turn him out on his ear. Isn't that rather cruel, whispered her conscience. She shut the thought down immediately. What did the feelings of one geek matter, compared to how she'd feel having to face the soriety knowing that she'd failed in a dare. Besides, he'd get over it.

"Here we are," she said, stepping into the room. A light perfume filled the air, making Daniel blush. It suddenly dawned on him that he was in a girl's bedroom. Kelly closed the door behind him, and moved closer. "My roommate has gone away for the weekend," she purred.

Daniel turned to face her, as the realisation filtered through his brain that Kelly had more on her mind than coffee. The action brought them face to face. Without a moment's hesitation, Kelly reached up and kissed him full on the lips. For a long moment Daniel's brain was completely frozen, then his hormones kicked in. Barely able to believe what was happening, he responded to the kiss.

The effect was electric. Finally Kelly broke free, her blue eyes filled with surprise. That wasn't meant to happen. This guy was a geek. Kissing him was meant to be the worst moment of her college career, not... She took a deep breath and for the first time since she collided with him outside the library, took a good look at her prey. Tall, slim, soft brown hair that framed an intelligent strong face, long-lashed blue eyes - the fully dilated pupils making them seem larger and deeper behind the heavy framed glasses. A little voice whispered in her ear that geek or not, Daniel Jackson was going to mature into a very handsome man.

They kissed again. Get a grip, Kelly told herself severely. Behind Daniel's back she could see the camera. An image of Sarah Anderson's face flashed before her. OK it was the geek or her social life. This time when they broke apart, Kelly's eyes moved to the bed, her expression clearly a question.

Indecision flickered across Daniel's face. He took her hands and squeezed them gently, an embarrassed look on his face. "I know you'll think I'm crazy but..."

"I have protection," Kelly interrupted.

The embarrassed smile again. Daniel looked at the floor and that back at her. "It's not that. It's just..."

She waited him out, wondering what dark secret he was going to present her with. Every other guy she'd had in her room had always been falling over themselves to get into her bed. He spoke again. "It's just that I always had this crazy idea about the first time being... special. And..." he looked at her his expression serious. "You're special, Kelly. I don't want to spoil that." He shuffled his feet nervously, licked his lips, looked at the floor again. "I think I'd better go."

"Go?" He was out of the door before the word left Kelly's lips. "I'll call you," she yelled down the hallway after him. He stopped abruptly, turned and smiled at her.

"No," he said. "I'll call you."



Back in her room, she sat on the edge of her bed not sure whether to laugh or cry. She was sure of one thing though, she had gotten a lot more than she bargained for with Daniel Jackson. A small smile crept across her face, at the memory of his kiss. If she let herself be honest, she'd even admit she had enjoyed his company. OK so Mesopotamia wasn't on her list of ten most riveting subjects, but when Daniel talked about it in that tripping over his tongue excited babble, she had been caught up in the wonder of it. Oh yes, she'd got a lot more than she'd bargained for, and it was very, very pleasant.


Daniel couldn't sleep. He lay on his bed, the sheets tangled around his sweaty, naked body - a dozen emotions arguing for space.

He started with guilt, dismissing it readily enough. He didn't have many possessions from his parents but one thing he did have was their marriage certificate. And he had long ago noted that the date on it was far too close to his birth date for conception to have been legitimate. The thought brought a smile to his lips - the idea that he was a 60s baby in more ways than one had always been an odd comfort to him. A pleasant reminder that his parents weren't the super-human gods his childhood memories sometimes made him imagine. And at least they wouldn't have been able to censure him for his thoughts this evening, which brought him to...

Lust. Oh yes. That emotion was running full reign. Daniel rolled over and buried his face into his pillow, desperately searching for a square of coolness. A groan escaped him as the tantalising thought of what could've been gripped him with vice-like talons. No he wouldn't think about it. It? Sex? Now he was arguing with himself. Change the subject, he told himself sharply. What about love?

No, it wasn't love. How could it be? A chat in a coffee shop. A single date. Hardly grounds on which to start talking love. Not even Daniel, with his desperate need to have a sense of belonging to something - or someone - would fall for the idea that he was in love with the girl. He thought of his parents again. The way they seemed to fit together so tightly that sometimes it had been hard to tell where one personality ended and another began. What they had had was love. And what they had shared with him had been love. Kelly? Well maybe one day. But that thought brought him neatly round to the final emotion. Fear.

That was the really uncomfortable one, but he couldn't deny it was there, hammering up and down his spine. Being with Kelly terrified him. The thought of opening up his fragile soul to another human being was far worse than any other torture someone could present him with. Too often in his short life he'd been abandoned and stepped on. Could she really be offering him something tangible? And did he dare reach out to take it?

Daniel groaned again, twisting himself further into the sheet. Why did he have to bump into her? Life was so much easier when it was just him and his books and pieces of broken pottery...


"Danny? Danny Jackson? Are you awake?"

"Dad?" His father stood beside him, his face peaceful. Hair just as dark as on that fateful day when Daniel had last seen him.

"You've grown tall, son. Look honey, look how tall he is."

"Mom?" She stood beside her husband. Her hair neatly caught under a scarf. Daniel longer to reach out and free it, to watch as it tumbled down her face, the way it used to...

"Danny." Her voice was full of love, gently teasing him. "Where's my little boy gone?"

"I've grown-up, mom."

"We're proud of you son." His father's face beamed. "Straight As. Very proud."

"Errr. Thanks." Daniel saw the frown on his mother's face. "What is it?"

She reached towards him, brushing his hair from his forehead the way she used to when he was a small boy. "I... We.. Be careful Danny. Sometimes people can be reckless with other's emotions. With their hearts. Be careful."

A sudden panic gripped Daniel. "What do you mean?" The image of his parents began to fade away. "Mom? Dad? No? Don't leave me! I need you!"

With a cry Daniel shot upright in bed. Fear sent rivulets of cold sweat running down his chest. For a long moment he stared into the darkness, willing the images to return. As the realisation that it was just a dream sunk in, he turned face down on the bed and sobbed.


The note summoning him to the professor office had been blunt. Just a time and a date. Daniel was nervous as he knocked on the door. He knew he'd been neglecting his studies over the past month to spend time with Kelly. But for the first time in his chaotic 20 years of life, Daniel Jackson was in love.

"Come in." Daniel pushed the door opened and entered the office. "Ah, Jackson," the professor smiled. "Take a seat."

He was smiling, that was good, Daniel thought with relief.

"I have some excellent news for you Jackson." The professor picked up a letter and handed it to him. "Professor Rowe of Oxford University is looking for an assistant for three months. He wants you."

"Me, Sir?" Daniel scanned the letter in amazement. Professor Rowe was one of archaeology's most important figures, to spend three months as his assistant was the chance of a life time. Daniel's eyes reached the last paragraph. "June 27th. That's the end of next week."

"I know it's short notice," Daniel's professor said. "But Rowe unexpectedly got a permit from the Egyptian government. And in cases like these you have to strike when the iron is hot, son. So shall I call him? Let him know you'll be on your way just as soon as you've packed?"

Daniel opened his mouth to utter an enthusiastic yes when suddenly Kelly's face swam before him. Three months in Egypt? They'd talked about going up to the mountains this summer. Long lazy days of hiking... Daniel hesitated. "I need to think about it Sir."

"What is there to think about?" his professor demanded in astonishment. "Jackson, Professor Rowe has his pick of any archaeology student world-wide. He wants you. And you need to think about it?" His tone clearly stated that he thought his young student had lost his marbles.

Daniel hesitated briefly. Professor Rowe - a few weeks ago he would've sold his soul to just talk to the man but now? Kelly. What would she think about him taking off for the whole summer. A headache began to creep across the back of his head. "Yes Sir, just for a day or two."

The professor shook his head. "Very well. But don't blame me if the chance is gone by the time you finish thinking."


If Daniel seemed a bit pre-occupied later that day, Kelly didn't notice. She'd finally persuaded him to go skating with her. For the past two weeks Daniel had protested that he had no sense of balance but eventually she had worn him down. Now she sat in her car outside the history faculty, waiting for him to appear. She wished he'd hurry, the storm that had been threatening all day was gathering force. Large drops of rain were plopping onto the windscreen and thunder rumbled ominously in the distance.

At last, there he was. Arms full of books as usual. The new glasses she had helped him choose sliding down his nose. Kelly sighed, all thoughts of the stupid 'dare' forgotten. He was so cute and he just didn't realise it.

He hurried to the car, a wide smile throwing a sparkle into his blue eyes - now much more visible behind the softer frames. "Sorry, but I've got to get these back to the library. Then I'm all yours."

Kelly shook her head in amused exasperation. Dating Daniel Jackson had been quite a learning experience - he was a far cry from her usual sports-freak boyfriends with their one track minds. A true gentleman, her mother would've have said. Come to think of it, her mother would definitely approve of Daniel. Especially since Daniel had made no attempt to get her into bed since that first night.

Secretly Kelly was glad - every time she went into her room her camera would catch her attention - its lens gazing at her like some sort of accusing eye. Well she hadn't figured out how, but she was determined to find some way around the 'dare'. In the meantime, everyone thought her time with Daniel was all part of the plan.

As they pulled up outside the library the storm erupted into its full malevolence. Lightening forked across the sky in huge jagged rips of blinding energy. Thunder cracked so loud the car vibrated to the sound. Daniel hauled the collar of his thin jacket up around his neck, gave Kelly a quick peck on the cheek and pelted for the library entrance for all he was worth.

Moments later he reappeared in the doorway, his eyes intent on the small car. As he stepped out of cover, lightening streaked across the sky. Kelly's eyes were drawn to the top of the library just as the energy impacted. Sparks exploded upwards as thousands of volts battled to find a route through the ancient masonry to earth.

It all happened so fast. One moment the ornate bell tower was sitting on the library roof where it had happily resided for the past hundred years. The next it seemed to explode, showering shattered masonry across the campus.

"Daniel!" Kelly screamed as the young man tried desperately to throw himself out of the way of the hurtling debris. She was running. Running through the torrent of water. Screaming his name. "Daniel. Oh please God. Daniel be all right."

He was lying motionless on the ground, covered in small pieces of brick and slivers of mortar. As she reached out to him, he moaned and then began to push himself upright.

"Daniel lay still, you're hurt."

"I'm... " He rolled over and Kelly caught sight of the blood matting his hair and running steadily down his face. His new glasses lay beside him, their frames twisted and broken. His face was ashen with shock as she reached out to wipe the blood away. "I'm OK. Really. I'm fine."

"You're not OK," Kelly snapped, her anger routed in fear for his well-being. She gave him her arm as he insisted on climbing to his feet.

"Please... I'm fine." He picked up his shattered glasses and peered at them curiously, as though wondering what had happened. "I... I want to go home now."

"Daniel Jackson, you're not going anywhere." Kelly could hear an ambulance screaming towards them. "Medics will be here any moment..."

"No!" Daniel turned a shade paler. "No medics. Please Kelly. Just drive me home." Staggering away from her he headed towards the car.

Rain plastering her hair to her head, her clothes ruined, Daniel's blood on her fingers, Kelly shook her head in complete bewilderment. Reluctantly she followed him.


Kelly had never put her first aid training into practice before. Now however she had no choice. As Daniel shivered with cold and shock, she ordered him to strip, tactfully leaving the room after she had retrieved dry clothes and a towel from his closet for him, and another of his shirts for herself. She hurried to the dormitory bathroom, shucking off her damp clothes and slipping into the over-large shirt. Daniel's scent surrounded her, it's warm muskiness making her feel she belonged in this moment, belonged his clothes, his room, his... She cut off the thought, grinning to herself in the mirror, wondering how on earth she could make herself look presentable.

When she returned he was sitting on the edge of his bed, holding the towel to the gash on his forehead. Gently she took it from him and inspected the damage. The cut was deep but clean.

"You really should get a stitch in that," she scolded quietly.

Daniel shook his head. "It'll be fine."

Still wondering about his obvious dislike of medics, Kelly found some bandaids and neatly closed the wound with a couple of hand-made butterfly stitches. Then she covered the whole thing with a plaster.

Daniel was still shivering, his skin cold to her touch. Shock she thought. Got to keep him warm. She thought quickly about making him a hot drink but something at the back of her mind niggled about that not being the right thing to do.

"You'll be warmer under the blankets," she suggested.

Teeth chattering, Daniel nodded, relieved to climb into the safe haven of his bed.

Without a second thought, Kelly climbed in after him, wrapping herself around him to share her body heat.

As the shivering gradually eased she whispered to him. "I thought I'd lost you back there. For one awful moment, I thought you were dead."

Daniel laughed quietly. "So did I." He rolled onto his side so he could look at her. Their eyes met, blue on blue, complete trust in both pairs. What are you waiting for, whispered Daniel's mind. You could've been killed back there. Live for the moment. His hand reached out, touching her face. Slowly he leaned forward and kissed her.

Kelly responded, tasting the coolness of his lips, savouring the warmth of his tongue as it slipped into her mouth. As they broke apart, she knew without a doubt that she wanted him. Not because of any silly game, but because he had somehow reached into her soul and become a part of her.

"Daniel," she whispered, her voice almost choking with emotion. Her hands went to the buttons of her shirt, slowly undoing them. "Let me?"

He didn't stop her as she undressed first herself and then him. But as her hands began to caress him, he let out a low moan and then confessed. "Kelly I've never..." She silenced him with a kiss. "You don't have to do a thing," she whispered. "This is my gift to you."

Inexperienced as he was, it was barely moments later that Daniel let out a cry as shivers of pure ecstasy cascaded through his body. "Oh God," he whispered, as Kelly slid from him and curled herself against his side, satisfied to simply give pleasure. "That was..." he took a long breath. "Incredible!"

Kelly smiled, leaning over to drown him in a kiss. "That was just the beginning," she promised.


Kelly arrived back at the soriety house just in time for breakfast.

Almost immediately Sarah Anderson pounced. "Big smile?" she accused.

Kelly didn't answer as she helped herself to orange juice and toast. Right now she wanted to keep her memories of the previous night safe and secure - some things were simply too precious to allow the likes of Sarah Anderson to play with.

Sarah studied Kelly closely and suddenly the penny dropped. "You did it, didn't you? You got Jackson into bed! Well, well - so Mr goody too-shoes finally succumbed to your charms. So how did he take it when you threw him out?"

Kelly suddenly became very interested in her toast.

"You did throw him out, didn't you?" Sarah began to smell a rat, and like any terrier she wasn't about to let it go. "Oh my God!" She emphasised each word. "You slept with him! What happened? Felt sorry for the poor geek?"

"Stop it!" Kelly snapped as Sarah's snide tone began to cast an ugly shadow over her memories. "It wasn't like you think. You don't know him."

Sarah burst into peals of cruel laughter. "Oh this is just too much. Hey everyone! Kelly's fallen for the geek!"

"Yes!" Kelly exploded. "I've fallen for him." Suddenly the words were bursting out of her. "He's sweet. He's loving. And..." she took a breath and spat the rest of sentence in Sarah's face. "If you just bothered to look, you'd see he's a damn sight better looking than that pizza face that you've been hanging around with!" With that Kelly abandoned her breakfast and stalked out of the dining room, aware of the deathly silence behind her.

"Well!" Sarah managed to splutter before pointedly returning her attention to the coffee pot. This wasn't the way things had been meant to go. Pushing Kelly together with Jackson was supposed to have been revenge, not the start Romeo and Juliet Part 2. Sarah's face hardened, her lips setting into a tight line. Well if Kelly Lawson thought that this was the end of the matter and that she could sail off into the happy ever after land with her geek she had another thing coming.



They found him in the lab, one eye glued to a microscope, his right hand scribbling notes on a pad of paper.

"Daniel Jackson?"

"Yes?" He didn't look up, his mind lost in the intricacies of Babylonian clay components.

Sarah Anderson smiled, leading the way into the lab, followed by a posse of five other girls. They circled him like a pack on a hunt, scenting that he was easy prey.

Daniel suddenly realised that he wasn't alone. "Sorry, were you looking for me?" He straightened up, and found himself being scrutinised by six pairs of feline eyes.

Sarah smiled sweetly. "Yes, Daniel. We were looking for you. We wanted to see exactly how much poor Kelly has had to suffer."

"Excuse me?" Daniel shuffled nervously, glancing towards the door in the vain hope that one of his professors might miraculously appear in the lab.

"See we were playing this game," Sarah continued, settling herself onto the lab bench next to Daniel's pottery specimens. She picked one up and started to play with it, lightly tossing it from one hand to the other.

"Errr..." Daniel reached for it. "That's Babylonian. It's rather fragile."

"Really?" Sarah tossed it to him casually.

"Game?" Daniel asked distractedly as he put the pottery shard back in its protective cotton wool cocoon.

"Truth or dare? See Kelly is so competitive. She'll do anything to win a game. So we had to think up a really good dare for her. Something no one else would be able to stomach." Sarah smiled at Daniel, but there was no warmth in the expression, just cruelty tinged with anger. She leaned forward and rested her finger on Daniel's chest. "That's when we came up with you."

Daniel gazed down at the finger and then back at his tormentor, still not aware of the danger he was in. "M... me?"

"Yes, Daniel. We wanted to think of something - or someone - that would really test Kelly's endurance. So we came up with the idea that she should sleep with you." Sarah laughed softly. The sound sliced through Daniel's fragile ego as easily as a knife through his gut.

"Are you saying...?" He couldn't bring himself to speak the thought.

Sarah however wasn't so squeamish. "That's right Daniel. You were the dare. Nothing more than a bet hatched at a soriety party."

Daniel backed away as nausea crept its treacherous way into his throat. "That's not true."

The group were closing in for the kill now. All of them laughing, giggling, reaching out to touch him. Fingers twined into his hair. Somebody ran a hand down his thigh. He shivered, desperately trying to keep his breakfast where it belonged.

"Poor Daniel," one girl crooned, "Thought he was the big stud."

"Sweet baby," another one whispered. "Did you think it was... lurve?"

"N...no!" Daniel stuttered. "Get off me." He broke free of them, staggering backwards, his elbow catching the box of specimens. Precious shards of ancient pottery skittered across the lab floor.

The girls looked at the mess and then burst into peals of laughter. Daniel glanced down horrified, then without another thought he ran for the door. Bursting into the corridor he sprinted down the hallway, blindly following the twists and turns. At last he saw the sign he was looking for and burst through the door into sanctuary.

Safe in the confines of the male bathroom, Daniel threw up, heaving until he was totally exhausted.


She tried everywhere. Three long days of roaming the campus hunting for him. The library. The labs. The dormitory. Once she was convinced he was in his room, but for all she pleaded and wept outside his door, he gave no sign that he heard her.

Today though Kelly was determined. Even if she had to sit outside his door for a full 24 hours, she was going to speak to Daniel. Explain what had happened. Tell him that she loved him.

Feeling almost too exhausted to walk, she headed down the narrow hallway and banged on his door. "Minute!" A muffled voice called out from inside. At last! Kelly sighed with relief. There was a sound of shuffling from inside, and then a key turning in the lock. A tousled head appeared, eyes still bleary from sleep. "Jeez, it's 9am. What do you want?"

Kelly stepped back, then tried to peer around the person. Had Daniel got a roommate? "I'm looking for Daniel Jackson," she blurted out.

"Jackson? He's gone."

"Gone? Where?"

"How the hell should I know?"

The door slammed unceremoniously in her face. Kelly staggered back until the cold wall contacted with her back. Weakly she slid down it. Tears she thought she no longer had welled up. That was it then. Just like that. No goodbyes. No chance to explain. He was gone.

She didn't know how long she sat and wept. Minutes? Hours? What did it matter. Sometimes things are broken irreparably and Kelly knew with a cold certainty that this was one of them.

Finally she climbed to her feet and without looking back at the door, returned to her life, knowing that she would have to live with the knowledge that she had once been part of something rare and special, but that she had lost it.


"This is your Captain. We will be cruising at approximately 7,000 feet and expect to land at London Heathrow at 7.00 hours local time. We hope you enjoy the trip..."

Daniel shut out the sound of the official announcement and leaned back in his seat. The past couple of days had been exhausting. An endless stream of preparations, plans and of course, ducking Kelly. The thought of her was like a fist in his stomach. Every time he closed his eyes he could see her face, imagine the tears streaming down her features as she begged him to open the door. God, that had been so hard. If she had only known that he was sitting the other side, his own tears falling in harmony with hers. So why hadn't he opened the door?

He'd asked himself that question a thousand times. And every time he'd reached the same conclusion. Deep down he knew that no matter how often he'd repeat it and no matter how much she'd say it, a part of him would still doubt that she really loved him. Part of him would still know that she'd looked at him and seen nothing but a geek who could be mocked and used. And even though he believed that something special had grown between them, he couldn't seem to shift the weight that sat on his back and laughed at him.

So he was running away. Daniel had no illusions about what he was doing. He was running as far and as hard as he could. He peered out of the plane window, catching sight of the stars in the night sky. In fact, he thought bitterly, given half a chance I'd run all the way to another planet. A tear trickled slowly down his cheek and he brushed it away angrily. No pity party, Jackson, he told himself severely. You're going to spend three months with the most brilliant man in the world of archaeology. Three months in which you can lose yourself completely in your work.

He picked up his bag, looking for a handkerchief and was greeted by the sight of the new journals it contained. He loved field work and he especially loved that moment when he opened a brand new journal, its cover still pristine, the pages empty and inviting. He pulled one out and ran his hand over its cover comforted by the warm texture of paper.

A stewardess paused in the aisle and handed him a tiny packet of peanuts. "Keeping a diary, sir?" she asked nodding towards the book.

"Uh, not exactly," Daniel responded lamely.

As she moved on, he gazed at the journal. Someone had once told him writing was therapeutic. And right now, he felt he was in so much pain he could barely breathe let alone function. A diary? Daniel reached for his pen, opened the first page and carefully wrote the date. Then in large, neat letters he wrote in the front cover: Daniel's Diary.



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