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Shower Scenes

The Wedding

When SG-1 return to the Land of Light to celebrate a wedding, Jack and Daniel get first-hand experience of the local customs.

(A bit of silliness written to celebrate the wedding of Dr Beth..)

Changing the menu

Daniel is in trouble again.

(A little hurt/comfort fic with a humorous edge, written to celebrate Judy M's birthday.)


When Daniel returns from a mission with SG3 there are surprises in store for quite a few people.

(This seems to be most people's favourite story of mine - I can't think why<veg>)


The perfect planet. The perfect climate. Surely SG1 can't get into trouble here?

Well according to Daniel's Diary - this particular mission was a real butt-kicker!

The Important Things In Life

A possible answer to one of the many questions posed by the Season 4 episode - The Light.

(And no, I didn't find this in Daniel's Diary)

Rites of Passage

Cassie is growing up.
(A short piece of seasonal fluff designed to bring a smile to all Jack and Daniel fans.)

Midsummer Dream

A short piece of fluff to celebrate the summer, just for fun, and 99% wishful thinking *eg*

A Heady Tale

Well, Daniel didn't include this little story in his diary. I think he was too embarrassed. However, when Daniel keeps quiet about something, Jack can usually be relied on to spill the beans! And so, I bring you a short tale of how Daniel returned from a mission with more than he bargained for. Dedicated to all those obsessed with Michael Shanks' hair!

Way too many flowers

Daniel finds the perfect planet.

Suggestive Suggestions

A missing scene from Urgo. Daniel's discovers that Urgo is interested in some of his other senses!

Team Work

Sometimes team work has unexpected consequences. Then again - this is on my website so perhaps the consequences aren't *that* unexpected.(Written in response to a fic challenge)


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