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Category: Missing scene, possibly humour (depends on what you find funny<g>)
Season/spoilers: Season 4 - The Light
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Just why did the infirmary staff take the time to dress Daniel before the dash back through the gate?
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, they aren't mine... plus the usual MGM are great and worthy.
Author's Notes: This is my answer to the above question posed on the h/c list. And yes, Daniel ends up wearing more clothes at the end of this fic than at the beginning. But that's cannon for you<g>


The dark depression that had been sucking Jack's energy and will from him slammed down on him like a sledgehammer as Janet delivered the bad news. Oh
God. Daniel was dying. That damn machine was registering it all - the… what were they? E? K? … O? K?… Definitely not OK waves… whatever the hell they were…. They were shutting down. Doing to Daniel what they'd done to SG-5. Killing him.

Jack couldn't handle this. Not now. Not Daniel… Blackness clawed at him, every fibre of his body wanting to curl up defensively on the infirmary bed
and shut out Janet's words. Shut out the truth.

Oh God! Oh God… Not Daniel.

"Colonel O'Neill. You have to take him back to the planet."

What?! Take him… Of course. Take him back!

Sucking in a deep breath, Jack hauled his body off the infirmary bed, his gaze sweeping over Daniel. A muscle spasm made the younger man jerk, a soft
breath escaped Daniel's lungs. A sigh of pain? A plea for help? Jack was moving now, his own mental torment forgotten now he could act. Janet had
just offered him a straw and he was going to clutch it with every bit of strength he could muster. Hang on in there, Daniel!

Jack's gaze contacted with Fraiser's, his unspoken question - how long? - receiving a mute unwelcome reply. The situation was urgent. Hours of waiting
and watching had suddenly spiralled into minutes. Precious minutes in which their only chance of saving him was to get him back to the planet.

"Come on!" Jack impatiently pulled at Daniel's bed as Janet expertly released her patient from his drip, the monitors and all the other stuff required for a coma victim.

The bed swung away from the wall.

"Wait!" Janet's voice was shrill, yet authoritative.

Jack's heart lurched. What now? He spun round to face her, not daring to look down at Daniel for fear of what he might see.

"You can't take him like this." Janet was shaking her head, turning away from him. "Nurse! Get Doctor Jackson's clothes. Quickly!"

"What the hell are you doing?" Jack could hardly believe his ears, his emotion swinging from hope to anger. "He's dying for God's sake. This is
hardly the time to worry about his modesty!"

Janet threw Jack a sharp look as she snatched Daniel's pants from the nurse's hands and began to slide them up the archaeologist's slim legs. Her
voice was unnaturally calm as she recited facts at him. "On average I treat one case of gate induced frostbite every month, colonel. Generally the
marines, of course. But occasionally someone from one of the other SG teams. I believe I even treated you on one occasion."

She glanced up at him accusingly and then zipped up Daniel's fly with a speed that made Jack wince. Deft fingers began to tuck Daniel's T-shirt into his
pants as her voice continued the monologue. "It may be macho to travel through the gate without gloves and other protective clothing, colonel, but
right now I think Daniel has enough to handle without risking the loss of any.... extremities."

She was done, eyebrows raised, defying Jack to argue with her.

He frowned but kept quiet, knowing she was right. It had become something of a game of one-upmanship between the teams; everyone pretending the
bone-chilling ice of gate travel wasn't… well, wasn't bone chilling. Truth was there were times when the journey between planets was so damn cold, Jack
sometimes wondered if it wasn't freezing his very soul.

"Okay, that'll have to do!" Janet began to push the bed as Daniel jerked again.

The nurse by Janet's side stumbled as Daniel's left foot was pulled from her hand, her attempt to tie his laces thwarted.

Janet shot her an apologetic look. "Sorry."

The nurse nodded her head in acknowledgement, but then spun around and snatched up another item of clothing. "What about his jacket?"

Daniel jerked again, the muscle spasms stronger.

Janet shook her head, her eyes reflecting her concern for her patient. "We're out time! Let's move it!"

Jack didn't need telling twice. Grabbing the head of the bed he hauled on it with all his might. He only had one thought in his mind. He was going to
save Daniel. All of him.


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