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Just a little piece of seasonal fluff written in response to a 'Get the boys in jammies' challenge. Rated PG and set just before Christmas Day, season 4. Enjoy!


Christmas is here again, and we've been summoned to dinner by Janet and Cassie. Unfortunately Teal'c can't join us - R'yak is in love and Teal'c has returned to Chulak to meet with the parents of his son's girlfriend. According to Teal'c teenage marriages are not uncommon in Jaffa society but I find it hard to believe R'yak has grown up so fast. Seems only a few months ago he was still a young lad. When I mentioned to Jack how quickly the years have gone he said it was a sign I'm getting old - like he can talk! Anyway - Jack, Sam and I are spending the day with Janet and Cassie, celebrating Christmas early before Sam heads off to her brother's and Jack and I head to his cabin for, of all things, a weekend of ice fishing. How I let myself get talked into that, I really can't figure.


"These are for you two." Cassie reached under the Christmas tree twinkling in the corner of Janet's living room and retrieved two identical presents, handing one to Jack and one to Daniel.

"You shouldn't have spent your allowance on us," Daniel said, as he tested the weight of the package in his hands. "But thanks."

"Oh course she should've," Jack retorted, leaning down to kiss the teenager on the cheek. Not that he had to lean far. Cassie was growing up fast. He winked at her. "Who else has two such wonderful men in her life. Thanks, Cass."

"You have to open them now," Cassie said. "Sam isn't going to be here Christmas Day and I want her to see what I got you."

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Sam nodded. "Absolutely! Gotta open them now, guys. I'm going to be playing Auntie Sam at my brother's house come Christmas Day, and you know I hate to miss out on anything."

"Oh. Okay." Daniel turned his gift over and carefully began to peel away the sellotape from the brightly coloured snowman paper.

Jack shook his head as he watched. "It's not an archaeological dig, Daniel. Look! This is the proper way to open a present." He tugged at one corner of his wrapped gift, tearing the paper apart with relish. The present shot from its wrapping and landed at his feet.

"Oops!" said Daniel smugly. "Hope it wasn't anything breakable."

Jack shot Daniel a mock glare as he bent down to retrieve his present. His eyebrows raised as he realised what Cassie had given him. "Err.. Pyjamas?"

Cassie nodded, an expectant look on her face. "Janet said you're always complaining about the infirmary gowns but never seem to have anything else to wear so…" She hesitated, a small frown creasing her forehead. "You do like them, don't you?"

"Of course. They're… great!" Jack said hurriedly. "Really… I think they're…great!" He turned to Daniel. "So Daniel. What ya got?"

"Err… the same." Daniel peered uncertainly at the striped clothing, neatly wrapped in cellophane. "Only mine are blue."

"I picked them to match your eyes," Cassie said quickly. "Blue for you, and brown for Jack."

Daniel smiled shyly. "They're terrific, Cassie. Thank you."

Cassie smiled innocently. "So… let's see you in them."

"What?!" The word exploded into the room in stereo. Daniel and Jack stared at each other for a long moment and then turned to Cassie.

"Come on guys," Sam urged. "It's a tradition to model new clothes at Christmas."

Jack turned a pointed look on her. "They're pyjamas, Carter!"

"Oh come on… you don't want to disappoint Cassie, do you?" Sam's impish gaze shifted target. "Daniel… it's a Christmas tradition. Well, at least in the Carter household."

"I.. errr.. I…" Daniel began, blue eyes turning imploringly towards Jack.

Jack raised his eyebrows, silently trying to remind Daniel who was the linguist in the team and therefore the one meant to come up with the excuses. Daniel clearly wasn't getting the message though. Jack sighed. "I think what Daniel is trying to say is that… ummmm…. that…"

Cassie looked crestfallen. "You don't like them."

"No, no, no… it's not that," Daniel said hastily. "It's just… that… err… It's.. err.. Jack?"

"It's…Well, see.. it's kind of.. " Jack looked at his watch. "…four..."

Daniel also looked at his watch. "Yeah, it's four…"

"Thirty," said Jack.

"Thirty," echoed Daniel.

"So? You still have to try them on." Cassie's tone moved from insistence to whine. "Please?"

Janet stepped into the living room from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a tea towel. She smiled sweetly at the two men as her gaze fell on the unwrapped gifts. "Ahh, I see Cassie has given you your presents."

"They won't try them on," Cassie complained.

"Oh?" The voice from the infirmary sounded in Janet's tone. "Gentlemen? Are we suffering from a fit of shyness here?"

"No, of course not," Jack blurted, reacting instinctively to the subliminal authority. He frowned. Just a minute - he was the colonel here. A moment later he knew, colonel or not, he was going to be defeated.

Janet turned her full attention on him, her left eyebrow raised in mock disapproval. "Well then, colonel…?"

Yep, he was totally…

"Yes," Sam chipped in, blues eyes twinkling mischievously. "It's only fair to Cassie to let her see you wearing her gifts. Not to mention me."

…and utterly…

"No dinner until we see," Janet threatened.


"Okay. Fine." Jack forced himself to sound graceful. Nodding towards the door to Janet's bedroom he raised his eyebrows at Daniel. "Shall we?"

Looking like he'd really rather suffer a goa'uld interrogation, Daniel reluctantly followed Jack into the bedroom.


A few moments later they reappeared, Jack stepping through the doorway first.

"Wow!" Sam said appreciatively as she took in the sight of her commanding officer's lean figure clad in warm chestnut brown. The soft, brushed cotton clung to him in all the right places and the unbuttoned jacket revealed more than a hint of firm stomach muscles and chest.

"Carter!" Jack's tone was warning. He glanced over his shoulder to where Daniel was standing. "Stop trying to hide behind me, Daniel!"

"I'm not," Daniel replied, sounding slight distracted. He stepped into full view revealing the fact that the blue material really did match his eyes, highlighting their depths to perfection. Not only that, the pyjama jacket did nothing to hide the fact Daniel had been working out, the top two buttons undone to reveal taut pectoral muscles and more than a hint of lightly tanned skin, a legacy from a recent mission. The paler blue stripes also had the hypnotic effect of drawing the eyes downward, from broad shoulders to trim waist to slender hips to…

Oblivious to his audience, Daniel tugged his pyjama pants so they rode slightly lower on his hips before peering down at his feet and wiggling his bare toes. Head still lowered he glanced up at Jack, wrinkling his forehead as he peered through his fringe of light brown hair. "Do you think these pants are too short?"

An incoherent noise from the kitchen doorway caused two pairs of eyes to swivel in Janet's direction. "Burning," she said hastily. "Can you… can you smell that? Sam? Something.. burning?"

Daniel wrinkled his nose, his lips pouting slightly as he sniffed the air. He gave a slight shake of his head. "I can't smell anything." He returned his attention to his pyjama pants, long slender fingers tugging at the knotted drawstring that was threaded through the waist. "I don't know.. they just seem a bit…"

Another incoherent noise from Janet drew Daniel's attention back to her.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his face concerned.

Janet nodded vigorously. "Just.. a bit hot." She fanned herself with the tea towel. "All the… steam.. from the cooking." Her gaze slid to Sam, who just caught Janet's wink as the doctor turned away. "I think I'd better go check…"

"So…" Jack stared after Janet for a long moment, his expression bemused, then he turned his attention to Cassie. "Do we pass your inspection, young lady?"

Cassie grinned and threw Jack a mock salute. "Absolutely colonel. You too, Daniel. I think you both look quite…"

Daniel tilted his head in question as Cassie hesitated.

"Distinguished?" Sam offered, her face innocent.

Cassie grinned at her. "Yes absolutely. Distinguished. That's the word."

"Thank you," Jack said with as much dignity as he could muster. "Now if you'll excuse us we'll just go and…" He nodded towards the bedroom. "Get dressed."

As the two men closed the door behind them, Sam dissolved into giggles. "Oh, Cassie," she hiccuped. "That was priceless."

Cassie flopped down on the floor beside her. "Distinguished?" she said, raising her eyebrows.

"What did you expect me to say?" Sam protested.

Cassie considered a moment. A smirk spread across her face. "I could think of some other 'd' words…" She sighed. "Especially for Daniel."

"Cassie!" Sam cut her off in mock horror. "Whatever are they teaching you in school?" She looked at the slender girl beside her, suddenly realising how she had matured from a skinny little child into an attractive young woman. Time to change the subject to slightly safer ground she decided. "So, young lady… do I get my present early too?"

"You've already had it," Cassie replied.

"I have?" Sam looked puzzled.

Cassie shook her head with a long-suffering air before grinning again. As the bedroom door opened and Jack and Daniel reappeared in their normal clothes, Daniel still in the process of tucking in his shirt, she leaned close and whispered in Sam's ear. "A glimpse of those two in pyjamas - what more could a girl want for Christmas?"

Sam's jaw dropped. There was no doubt about it, Cassie was definitely growing up.

Apparently unperturbed by Sam's shock, Cassie scrambled to her feet and winked at her. "I'm just going to see if Janet needs any help in the kitchen."

Sam blinked and suddenly realised the two men were watching her.

"Something wrong, Major?" Jack asked.

Sam considered for a moment, the image of pyjamas still in her mind. She smiled. "No, Sir. Everything is just perfect."


Pyjamas? Never really seen myself as a pyjama-kind of guy. Still it was a sweet thought by Cassie. I can't help thinking I was missing some vital point, though. I swear I heard Cassie and Sam giggling like schoolgirls. I don't know, when those two get together it's hard to tell how old they are - one thing is for sure, though, Cassie is growing up fast. Perhaps Jack's right. I am getting old.




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