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Drops in the Ocean

Jack is seeking an explanation for Daniel's strange behaviour.

(Tag to the Season 1 episode Children of the Gods)

Pros and Cons

Jack and Daniel contemplate the pros and cons of Jack's possible promotion.

(Set at the end of Season 7)

Peace Tokens

A sequel to Pros and Cons and a tag to the Season 8 episode Lockdown.


Acts of God and Colonels

A humourous look at Jack's plumbing skills by the one and only Livengoo.

A small issue of ownership

Jack in the shower with company - season 6 fic with tongue firmly in cheek

Birthday Burdens

Daniel returns home after helping to free the Unas
(Spoilers for Beast of Burden - season 5)

Rain on my parade

Fancy a shower scene with a difference? Check out livengoo's new story!

Every Square Inch

My dear listsibs on the h/c list have recently been complaining about the lack of naked Jack in these archives. Now of course, this is the home of Daniel's Diaries! However, Carrie bravely sneaked into the colonel's office and got her hands on some classified information to help redress the balance, although the term 'redress' may not be entirely appropriate.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Janet's thoughts during the events of Meridian. A big thank you to Kaz for writing this beautiful, angst-ridden fic. Make sure you have the kleenex to hand.
(Spoilers for Season five episode - Meridian )

In the raven's eye

Daniel attracts some unwanted attention
(Spoilers for Season five episode - Summit )

In the raven's claw

Daniel gets caught up in a Goa'uld game
(Spoilers for Season five episode - Last Stand - sequel to In the raven's eye )

Graduation Day

Thanks to Kaz for this scene for Serpent's Lair.


Janet is in need of a distraction
(Spoilers for Season five episode - Enemies )

Smooth operator

Jack's obsession with base security lands Daniel in hot water
(Spoilers for Season three episode - Foothold)

The final shower?

Daniel gets into a spot of hot water prior to the events of Exodus
(Spoiler from Double Jeopardy)

You can go home again by ELG

Jack and Daniel bond after the events of Double Jeopardy
(I was thrilled when ELG agreed to write a shower scene for the series, and even more thrilled when the finished result turned up in my in-box. I believe you'll all enjoy it as much as I did.)

Coming Clean by EOS

Another great story from a very talented writer. Enjoy!
(Spoilers from Double Jeopardy)


What should've happened at the end of Entity
(Huge spoilers for Entity)

It never rains but it pours

Daniel meets up with a rainmaker while off-world with SG-11.
(Set during Prodigy, but no real spoilers for the episode)

Cultural imperatives by Jb

Cultural differences threaten to come between Loran and SG1. Daniel's in the shower, Loran's in the wall, and Jack's in fine form
I'm delighted to have a second shower scene from Jb - queen of descriptive passages. (Spoilers for The Light)

Memories from a century past

Was it Sam's appeal that brought Jack back - or was there another reason?
(Spoilers for 2010)

The message

After the events in Chain Reaction, somebody sents Jack a message.
(Spoilers for Chain Reaction)

The reply

A sequel to the message
(Set mid-episode - Absolute Power)

The summons

Daniel receives an urgent summons from Teal'c.
(Spoilers for Serpent's Venom)

For better for worse

I'm thrilled to include this story by Kaz in the shower series. A second scene for The Curse - an episode which deserves at least... oh... twenty shower scenes

Dying little by little

Daniel gets an unexpected offer.
(Spoilers for The Curse)

A little piece of paradise

Jack and Daniel take some time out.
(Spoilers for Tangent)

Out in the open

Daniel has an unwelcome guest.
(Spoilers for Point of no return)

Me and my shadow by Jb

A homecoming - but who for?
(Spoilers for Beneath the Surface)

I'm delighted to include a story from the wonderful Jb in the Shower Series. This is archived on her site - the link will take you there.


Daniel is anticipating Jack's reaction to his actions with the Enkarans
(Spoilers for Scorched Earth and Small Victories)

To absent friends...

How does Daniel handle the news of Robert Rothman's death?
(Spoilers for First Ones)

A natural reaction

First contact can be a headache sometimes
(Spoilers for Watergate)

One More Time

Something is bothering Daniel on his return from P4X-639
(Spoilers for Window of Opportunity and Crossroads)

The Feel Good Factor

Was there another reason for Janet's concern over SG-1's behaviour when they were wearing the alien armbands?
(Spoilers for Upgrades)

Another side of you

Daniel's thoughts on returning from Euronda.
(Spoilers for The Other Side)

The Waiting Game

What was going through Daniel's mind when his team-mates were missing?
(Spoilers for Small Victories)



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