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All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.


Category: Missing scene; angst
Season/spoilers: Season 5 – Summit
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nudity
Summary: Daniel attracts some unwanted attention
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, he isn't mine, but I wish he was... plus the usual MGM are great and worthy.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Lex for the inspiration and to Jb for beta reading.


Morrigan was looking at him again. Damn. Daniel tried not to show his discomfort at the intensity of her gaze, but it wasn't easy given the way she was blatantly undressing him with her eyes. He ran a finger along the rim of the slave collar he wore, suddenly grateful not only for its presence but also what it stood for. While he was far from happy with playing lackey to Yu at least the role offered him some protection from her advances.

Then again, perhaps it didn´t. Oh no – she was definitely heading in his direction, her gaze predatory. Great – of all the system Lords present, he had to draw the attention of the Celtic goddess of death. Where the hell was Yu when he was needed? Daniel ducked his head down, his eyes darting around for something to busy himself with, preferably something that would require him to leave the room.

Oww! Strong fingers gripped his chin, and he was treated to an eyeful of upholstered bosom as his face was tilted upwards. Morrigan smiled at his discomfort as he attempted to maintain the etiquette of not meeting her gaze while avoiding being eyeball to nipple. Not to mention there was a serious risk of being impaled by that costume of hers if she got too close. He settled his gaze on the neutral territory of her right shoulder.

Her voice was a cat's purr - soft and seductive. "I had no idea Yu had such attractive stock amongst his slaves. We believed him blind to such aesthetic pleasures."

Daniel remained silent, hoping she would quickly lose interest in him, but she was obviously in the mood to play cat and mouse. She circled him slowly, her lip curling in disdain as she came round to face him again. "These clothes do you no favour. Were you mine I would dress you in black leather." She moved closer, her right hand sliding to his waist, then burning a path down his hip to cup his buttock. She smiled as he winced, the sharp spikes of her bodice digging into his chest in counterpoint to the cruel pressure of her fingers. "Tight black leather," she whispered into his ear.

“Master!” Daniel hastily backed away from Morrigan, relief washing over him at the reappearance of Yu in the doorway of the counsel chamber. He bowed his head reverentially in Yu’s direction. “Do you require anything, my Lord?” he asked, adding silently, ‘preferably something that requires me to be as far away from Raven-woman here as possible’.

Morrigan slid away from Daniel with a casual indifference to her indiscretion. She met Yu´s dark look with an amused one of her own, and trailed a languid finger along Daniel´s shoulder. “I´ll give you five barrels of Agorian wine for him.”

“He’s not for sale,” Yu snapped.

His sharp response merely increased Morrigan´s humour. Her eyes flicked back to Daniel, raking him from head to foot. “Serves you well, does he?”

Daniel felt heat prickle his neck at her insinuation, but Yu ignored her. He gestured Daniel to follow him with a sharp nod of his head, and set off down the corridor at speed.

“That woman is not to be trusted,” he threw the words over his shoulder as Daniel hurried to keep pace with him. “Do not allow her to take you to her bed.”

“I won’t, my Lord.” Daniel mentally added a more vehement promise to his subdued words. He’d been forced into sexual submission more than once – it wasn’t ever going to happen again.

“Good,” Yu said. “Because if you did you would die a slow and painful death.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Daniel intoned solemnly, wondering if Yu meant to imply he would inflict such a death or was simply confirming Morrigan’s black widow character. Either way he had no intention of getting into a position where he would find out.

He trailed obediently behind Yu, until they reached the goa'uld's temporary quarters. Once through the door, Daniel bowed low. "Does my Lord require anything?"

"I will bathe before I retire."

"Yes, my Lord." he remained in an attitude of obeisance, waiting for Yu to dismiss him. Several moments passed before he looked up to discover Yu watching him, his expression odd. "My Lord?"

"Why do you not prepare my bath?"

Of course! Daniel mentally kicked himself. Yu would not expect to do anything as menial as turning on a tap. He apologised quickly, "Forgive my tardiness."

He hurried through the archway set in one wall of the chamber, entering into a small alcove that was set aside for personal needs. His gaze swept round the various furnishings – toilet, sink, bidet – but definitely no bath. Ah! He spotted a circle of fine holes in the ceiling that might just act as a shower head. Two discrete gratings in the wall were no doubt drainage points. But where was the control? Ahh – his gaze fell on two squares of opaque crystal set into the walls, not unlike those in the control panel of a Hatak. Okay - if he could fly a goa'uld ship he could manage to turn on a shower, couldn't he? Cautiously he brushed his fingers against the right-hand crystal, taking care not to stand under the showerhead. His guess was correct. Water began to trickle out, the flow increasing and decreasing in relation to the pressure of his fingers. A quick test told him it was cold, and as he suspected the other crystal controlled the temperature.

Damn! He had no idea how hot Yu liked his shower. Not knowing what else to do he settled for comfortably warm - Yu was in a human host after all. With the water flowing well he returned to the main chamber and once again bowed low.

"It is ready, my Lord."

Again the hard look. "Has Morrigan addled your brains?" Yu demanded. "Must I undress myself tonight?"

"No, my Lord." Shit! Jacob hadn't mentioned anything about acting as Yu's personal wardrobe assistant. What else was going to be demanded of him? Aware of Yu's scrutiny Daniel carefully began to help the goa'uld disrobe, certain that he would give himself away at any moment through some breech of etiquette or by simply failing to observe some habit of Yu's real slave.

The heavy brocade jacket slipped off to reveal a silk shirt. Beneath the shirt Yu's chest was that of an old man, unused to physical exercise – folds of loose flesh hung over a skeletal frame and his skin was dull and leathery, the extreme age of the host beginning to defy the benefits of the sarcophagus . Silently drawing in a nervous breath, Daniel applied himself to the clothing on the lower half of Yu's body - satin slippers, pants tied at the waist with cord of woven silk and - oh, boy - a long strip of cloth that served as underwear. Daniel could feel heat climbing the back of his neck as he unwound it from Yu's private parts. Worse, though, was the thought that he might be required to put the garment back on at some point. Great - he was going to be up half the night practising the the art of wearing a loincloth.

Yu stretched leisurely as the garment fell away and then walked towards the shower, only to stop at the threshold of the alcove. His eyes raked Daniel from head to foot before he abruptly spun around and marched back to where the archaeologist was fussing over the discarded clothing. As Daniel looked up Yu´s hand connected sharply with his cheek, the slap taking him totally by surprise. He blinked at Yu, one hand flying to his smarting skin.

"My Lord?" Oh crap! What had he done - or not done now?

"You try my patience too far!" Yu snarled. "Your head is full of that woman instead of serving me. Remove your shirt and kneel before your God."

Panic making his heart pound, Daniel had no choice but to do as he was commanded. Not wishing to enrage Yu further he hurriedly removed his slave collar and then pulled the orange tunic over his head, dropping it to the floor. As he knelt he caught sight of a bamboo switch in Yu's hand and he realised with a sinking heart he was about to be on the receiving end of a beating. Sure enough, Yu circled behind him and seconds later the switch licked across his bare skin burning a line of pain across his upper back. Daniel bit back on the urge to vocalise the hurt, praying that doing so wouldn´t enrage Yu further.

The switch whistled across his back a second time. Then a third. Daniel ground his teeth together, telling himself he´d received worst. Yeah, that was the way to go. This didn´t come anywhere close to being shot in the chest with a staff weapon. Oww! Oww!. A fourth stripe was laid across his naked skin. And it wasn´t anything like the overwhelming agony of a pain stick. The bamboo stung him for a fifth time. Oh crap! How long was this going to continue?

The sight of the switch skittering across the floor in front of him indicated the punishment was over. Daniel's shoulders sagged with relief.

Yu was in front of him now, his gnarled fingers gripping Daniel's face as he tilted it upwards. "Thank me for your punishment."

"Thank you, my Lord." Daniel blinked away tears of pain and forced the words out between gritted teeth. God, but he hated this play acting.

Yu nodded his approval. "I will not allow that woman to have you. Not even in your mind." He drilled a finger into Daniel's forehead. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lord." Jack had once told Daniel he grovelled well, but this was getting to be beyond a joke.

Fortunately Yu seemed satisfied with his performance. "Come then," he said. "Perform the rest of your duties well, then you can rest."

Daniel sucked in a noisy breath as his back protested at his movement, the stinging stripes across his shoulders radiating fire with every move. He risked a quick glance at himself in the mirror standing by Yu´s bed and saw with relief the angry red weals hadn´t actually broken the skin. Nevertheless, the beating was severe enough to ensure he wasn´t going to enjoy a restful night´s sleep and that was bad news when he needed his wits about him.

Not knowing what to expect he followed Yu towards the shower. The goa´uld looked at him, the embers of his anger still present in his expression. He jerked his head towards a tablet of soap. "Be attentive when you wash me, Jarren, or I will beat you again."

Daniel kept his face neutral as he reached for the soap, but before his fingers could fold around its silken surface, Yu grabbed his wrist snarling at him not to ruin his clothes in his eagerness to please. Hiding his reluctance, Daniel stripped off his own pants – uncertain whether his lack of underwear was a good thing or not. Still, at least its absence saved him from yet another opportunity to do the wrong thing.

He stepped back into the shower, feeling totally vulnerable and unable to prevent unwelcome thoughts about what might follow the shower.  As tasks went, washing Yu probably wasn´t the most distasteful thing he´d ever had to do, but it did rate pretty high on the list of experiences he would prefer not to repeat. Anything else though… Well, that simply wasn´t going to happen, he reassured himself, suddenly grateful for the vile of poison in his possession. Still, his nerves were taut as he began to work a lather between his hands, aware that he had no knowledge of the way in which Jarren would´ve performed such a personal service. The only way to cope, he decided, was to pretend he was washing his own body. Firm circular movements over the shoulders and back. Long, sweeping stroked down the thighs.

Okay – he could do this. To his huge relief, the arrogance of the goa´uld was such that Yu seemed almost oblivious to his presence. Aware that his own life depended on his performance, Daniel pressed his hands firmly against Yu´s shoulders and began to soap the leathery skin. A tortured hiss escaped him as hot water splashed over his shoulders, kick starting a new round of smarting pain along the reddened tracks of raw skin. That elicited a sharp look from Yu and Daniel ducked his head, whispering an apology for disturbing Yu´s concentration. This slave thing really sucked.

He had just applying the soap to Yu´s lower back when a taunting female voice cut through the steamy air. “My Lord, Yu. Have I called at an inopportune time?”

Daniel spun around to find Morrigan standing in the doorway of the shower, her eyes drinking in the sight of his naked, beaten body. Yu growled a gutteral oath at her and pushed passed Daniel, his right-hand catching the archaeologist hard in the sternum and knocking him off balance. Daniel desperately tried to prevent himself falling but his hands were slick with soap and the wet walls were frictionless. With a yelp of dismay his feet slid from under him in the treacherous flow of soapy water and he hit the floor back first, his breath whooshing from his body and pain from his raw skin racing along his nerve ends like banshees screaming in the night.

“Jarren!” Yu snarled his name with displeasure, before taking Morrigan’s arm and leading her into the main chamber.

Daniel groaned softly and rolled himself cautiously onto all fours. He pulled in two slow breaths, giving his shrieking nerve endings time to settle back to a bearable level of discomfort, then he slowly climbed to his feet. Out in the chamber, Yu was spatting with Morrigan.

“How dare you arrive without warning in my quarters!”

“Without warning?” She gave a soft laugh that was edged with a hint of cruelty. “I informed your slave of my desire to meet with you at this hour.”

Daniel winced at her lie and his heart sank at the thought he could do nothing to challenge her. The word of a human slave was worthless against that of a goa´uld. His spirits plummeted even lower as she continued.

“Perhaps it was his desire that I should witness such a scene. Clearly you have beaten him already today. Perhaps a second taste of your displeasure…”

“I will discipline my slave as I see fit,” Yu snarled. “Now tell me the reason you disturb my peace.”

To Daniel´s surprise, Morrigan adopted a concillatory tone, offering an apology for her untimely interruption that was all but grovelling in its nature. Even more surprising was the fact Yu accepted it. Her voice fell to a conspiratorial whisper

Painfully aware of his own nakedness, Daniel edged towards the open archway, his gaze taking in the bickering goa´ulds and the nearby towels. He snaked an arm around the corner of the arch intending to snag the top towel, but suddenly realised Morrigan could see his action in the mirror behind Yu´s back. He froze like a mouse beneath a cat´s paw.

Morrigan´s mouth continued to spout placatory words at Yu, but her eyes held Daniel´s, the predatory promise in her gaze sending a shiver of fear down his spine. She tipped her head to Yu, her voice once again soft and seductive.

“I will take my leave of you, Lord Yu. I believe we have reached an understanding.” He tilted his head in acknowledgement and stepped aside to allow her to leave. Her smile widened as her eyes once again met Daniel’s in the mirror.

“Until our next meeting then.”



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