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Category: Missing scene
Season/spoilers: Season 4 - The Curse
Series: Part 13 of Scribe's Shower Series
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Content of an adult sexual nature <Scribe does smut?>
Summary: Daniel receives an unexpected offer
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Author's Notes: As promised this is the second shower scene for the Curse - the episode being, imho, simply wonderful not least for the scene in which Daniel poses with a large gun.


He should never have come back. Not to this apartment any way. He'd felt uncomfortable the moment he'd walked through the doorway and into the living room. It was all so familiar. The statuette of Bastet sitting on the bookcase. The collection of shabti figures artistically arranged in the display case. So many memories dancing in the shadows. If it wasn't for the absence of his own belongings he could've sat in the ancient leather armchair by the window, picked up a favourite book and believed this was still his home.

Oh yes, this was definitely a bad idea. In fact it was so bad he could almost hear Jack's voice in his head, giving him the benefit of his opinion. Jack had very strong opinions on the subject of Daniel's love life - mainly because getting involved with a woman seemed to result in Daniel ending up dead or as close to dead as didn't really matter unless you were the kind of person who liked to split hairs over definitions. Which of course Daniel was, but Jack wasn't. Still, Jack wasn't here to split hairs over anything. Jack had made it very clear nothing was going to come between him and his fishing trip, and Daniel's urgent need to attend the funeral of his archaeology professor most definitely wasn't going to change his plans. So Jack could just butt on out of his head and quit whispering this was a bad idea.

Daniel pulled a clean shirt from his bag with rather more force than was necessary and laid it out on the bed, vainly attempting to smooth the creases out with his hand. The dark grey of the shirt contrasted sharply with the feminine quilt - white cotton decorated with meadow flowers in vibrant reds and pinks. When he'd lived here, the bedclothes had been genderless, abstract swirls of mauve and green. Now the colours danced before him, a sharp reminder that this bed belonged to Sarah. That he no longer belonged here.

He sighed, wishing he hadn't allowed her to talk him into staying. He'd been off-guard, disturbed by Steven's hostility, upset by Professor Jordan's death, his plans to book into a hotel barely formed in his mind. And Sarah could be very persuasive - had been very persuasive. He hadn't stood a chance against her arguments.

He'd sleep on the couch, of course. See Jack - this doesn't qualify as anything remotely connected to a romance, so just get back to your fish. His presence in Sarah's bedroom was one of mere necessity. The bathroom was en-suite and he really needed a shower...


Osiris stretched leisurely, once again exploring the strangeness of his host's body. The very sensation of being free of the stasis jar had been novel enough at first, but as he quickly adapted to controlling a human once again he had begun to note the difference between this host and his previous one.

The flexibility of this body was fascinating - younger, suppler than the work-hardened limbs of an Egyptian labourer. And this body was female. Osiris ran his hands across the soft flesh of the breasts, amused by his own perspective. He had frequently enjoyed the physical pleasures available to male humans. Now he wondered how different it would be to taste those same delights in female form.

His mind plunged inward, raping the thoughts of his terrified host. She could not hide from him, could not deny him anything even though he had not yet regained his full strength, weakened as he had been by long years in stasis. He found what he sought easily, and as his host - the one known as Sarah - sobbed within him, Osiris turned towards the bedroom door.


The invigorating spray of hot water massaged the tension from Daniel's shoulders. His hands were pressed against the cool tiles of the shower walls, arms straight elbows locked; head tucked down to allow the powerful jet access to the tight muscles running up the back of his neck. It had been a long day. A crowded flight from Colorado, then the funeral and the less than warm welcome from Steven.

He sighed heavily. At least Sarah had been pleased to see him. Surprisingly so, considering how they'd parted.

He straightened slowly and reached for the shower gel, only to start as an arm reached past him, slender fingers curling around the bottle.

"Let me do that for you."

What the hell...? Daniel spun round and found himself face to face with Sarah. His jaw dropped as his gaze travelled rapidly up and down her naked body, coherent speech totally beyond him.

Sarah smiled seductively, poured a handful of gel into her left hand and then began to massage it into his body, starting with his right shoulder and working in small, firm circles across his chest to the left. Daniel gasped as she pressed herself against him, his body reacting instinctively to her familiar presence. Jasmine and sandalwood filled the air with a heady fragrance, tantalisingly sweet, assaulting his olfactory senses and torturing him with buried memories. How many times had they been together like this?

Her hands swept lower. Firm strokes down his rib cage and then swirling across his abdomen. Her gaze flickered downwards and then back up, triumph in her eyes.

"I see you've missed me, Daniel."

He groaned loudly as her hand reached its goal, encircling him. Oh God. This was so wrong.

"Sarah." He somehow managed to choke her name as he dragged his mind away from the agonisingly sweet fire she was creating.

"Yes, Daniel?" She rested her head against his chest, her tongue flickering against his hot skin. Slowly she released him only to move both hands behind him, soft, soapy skin sliding over his buttocks, drawing him closer.

"Sarah, this is wrong." Daniel's thoughts skittered and danced as his body welcomed what she was promising.

"I know you want it, Daniel." Her voice was soft and seductive, and as she lifted her face towards him, her lips moist and inviting, Daniel found himself dipping to capture her mouth with his own.

Oh yes... he wanted it, wanted it desperately but... He turned his head, burying his face in her hair as he avoided the intimacy of her kiss. How could he just accept what she was offering? Hell, he wasn't even sure what exactly she was offering.

As though reading his mind, Sarah turned her head, her lips nuzzling at his ear lobes, her breath hot against his skin. "It's just sex, Daniel. No strings. No complications. Just pure... pleasure."

She moulded herself against him, the exquisite gyration of her hips once again shattering his coherency. "I want you, Daniel. I want you now."

His breath exploded from him as she moved against him, using her familiarity with his body to drive him closer to the edge. It was alright, wasn't it?. Just sex. No complications. Her left hand moved up his back, fingers tangling in his hair and gently pulling his head back down. Her other hand dipped to the sensitive skin at the base of his spine, one finger tracing an exquisite pattern of maddening pleasure as it circled round and round, before skating between and then below his buttocks, heightening his desire with every move. As she finally captured his mouth with her own, he felt her stretch upwards, tilting and angling to engulf him.

Oh God. Mind and body battled. He had long ago learnt that casual sex offered little more than a few brief seconds of release. Pure pleasure too often came with a bitter aftertaste and... God! This was Sarah. Sarah who always got what she wanted and who was the very antithesis of the concept of 'no complications'. He couldn't let her do this to him. He wouldn't let her do this. And yet... oh please, yes. No. Yes! Every physical sense was demanding completion.

He was poised on a knife edge - sharp and dangerous. Entangled by hands and fingers, legs, lips, soft flesh inviting him...

Daniel groaned, desperately trying to find the will to fend off the inevitability of surrender.


A thrill of anticipation ran through Osiris. He could sense the human's resolve washing away as readily as the mantle of perfumed rainbow-filled bubbles that had glistened on his skin. They had exploded into nothingness, just as Daniel Jackson's will would now crumble away. He had known from his host's memories this conquest would not be easy. This one - this Daniel Jackson - was not the kind of man to simply take physical pleasure as and when it was offered. Rather he believed in caring for his partners, he believed in... love. Osiris almost laughed out loud at the thought. Love! These humans believed it made them strong. How foolish they were. It simply made them vulnerable to manipulation.

And what sweet manipulation this was. Osiris ran his hand over the short silky hairs at the nape of Daniel Jackson's neck and then entangled his fingers into the longer growth on his crown. Gentle pressure drew the man's head down, allowing Osiris to capture those temptingly full lips with his own. A myriad of tastes exploded on his tongue - perfumed droplets of warm water tainted with the bitter alkaline of soap, the heady mix of salty skin and male musk, a smoky aftertaste of rich Columbian coffee.

Osiris drew away from the kiss as he felt a shudder - a thrill of sheer need - race through his own body, reflected and magnified by the quiver that ran through Daniel Jackson. It was time to take his victim - to take both his victims - over the edge and into total submission.

He stretched, every sinew taut as his lower body angled up and back, ready to consume the hardened flesh that promised him sweet relief of his own. Triumph scant seconds away, he sucked in a long breath of fragrant air, savouring the anticipation as he gazed at the face of Daniel Jackson - long-lashed eyes squeezed tight, kiss-bruised lips slightly apart, a flush of colour highlighting the fine boned cheeks...

A loud rapping sound shattered Osiris' concentration. He barely had chance to rein in his anger and frustration as a male voice penetrated the apartment from the front door.

"Sarah! I know you're in there. Open the damned door!"

Daniel Jackson's eyes shot open, the widely dilated pupils reflecting the image of Osiris' host. It was a timely reminder of who he was. Drawing on every reserve of energy, Osiris forced himself back into character, stamping down on his goa'uld instincts and producing the clean, feminine tones of his host.

"Damn! It's Steven!"


Daniel jerked backwards, smacking his head painfully against the tiled wall.


Sarah laid a finger against his lips, her gaze filled with promise. "Don't worry. I'll get rid of him. You stay right here."

"Steven?" Daniel's brain somehow managed to shift to a slightly more northerly region than where it had recently been residing. Relief washed over him as Sarah stepped from the shower, snatching up a towel as she went.

He leaned back against the tiles, tilting his head, eyes closed, trying to ignore the insistent messages of need his body was bombarding him with. Sarah. Steven. What the hell had he gotten himself into? Damn it.

Daniel pushed himself upright and reached for the controls, yanking the temperature dial sharply to left. A rush of air exploded from his lungs as icy water cascaded over his body, raising goose flesh along his arms and legs and quelling his physical desire.

As he started to shiver, he shut off the water and stepped from the cubicle. A second towel hung on the rail and he snatched it up, intent on drying and dressing before Sarah's return. Oh God. How had he been so stupid as to let her nearly seduce him - again.

Voices filtered through from the living room and despite himself Daniel found the conversation captivating.

"I can't believe he just showed up like that. After all these years!" Steven's voice was harsh and loud.

"Steven..." In contrast, Sarah sounded placating.

"What do you think he wants? Surely he can't imagine the faculty would take him back. Is that it, do you think? Is he planning on applying for Professor Jordan's position? Surely he must realise they'd never consider him. He hasn't published in years."

Sarah's voice sounded again, the words too soft for Daniel to hear.

"Why are you defending him?" There was a pause and then Steven's voice grew even louder. "Oh I get it. You've still got a thing for him, right? Well just say the word, Sarah. I won't stand in your way. I should've known better than to try and fill his shoes for you anyway."

Daniel's mind whirled. Sarah and Steven were an item? Oh boy. And he was standing stark naked in her bedroom? He spun round, thoughts of eavesdropping driven from his mind by the urgent need to find his boxers and the sound of Jack's voice telling him he really should've gone fishing.


As Steven stormed from the apartment, Osiris moved silently to the bedroom door. His eyes flashed with white fire as he observed Daniel Jackson had failed to obey his instruction and was now not only out of the shower but dressing.

Another inward plunge of his host's experiences confirmed his fear. The moment had indeed passed. Daniel Jackson would not now succumb to his advances. The only way to retrieve anything from the situation would be to make light of it. To use the young man's embarrassment to - what was the phrase he had come across - ah, yes, to brush it under the carpet. He would pretend it was of no consequence, just as he had whispered in the shower.

Osiris felt a small shiver of satisfaction at the thought as he watched Daniel Jackson reject a crumpled grey shirt in favour of a light blue zip-up top. The fabric clung to Jackson's chest giving Osiris one last glimpse of smooth skin and toned muscle before, with a shrug of his shoulders, the archaeologist made the material fall into place.

As Osiris turned away he caught sight of his own face in the mirror above the mantle, a predatory smile sharpening the fragile beauty of his host's face. White fire flared.

This was not over. No human thwarted the will of Osiris and went unpunished. The time would come when Daniel Jackson would kneel before him and beg to serve in any way Osiris demanded.


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